Publishers Gouging Prices on E-books
As an avid reader, I was really excited that one of my favourite authors was releasing a new book. I went purchase it online and found out that the E-book was marked up 25 percent over the paperback. Price gouging at its finest. [ Read Full ]
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Dispensing of Incompetence
Peoples lives depend on accuracy in a pharmacy. If a pharmacist gives the wrong drug or dose, it can be dangerous or even deadly. This is why I clarify with my family doctor the medication that is being prescribed then double check the medication when I receive it from the pharmacy. [ Read Full ]
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The Opposite of Addiction is Connection
As an addiction counsellor/facilitator, I have witnessed what drug use does to the body, families and community. The war on drugs has been a colossal failure, especially in Saskatchewan. Regina has the highest IV drug use per capita and HIV rates are skyrocketing. In some areas of Saskatchewan, HIV rates are higher than they are in Africa. Not only is it shocking but it is a crisis. Perhaps it is time we forgot everything we thought we knew about addiction and follow the Portugal model. [ Read Full ]
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Minions Movie Review
The Despicable Me franchise has devoted a feature length film to the goggle wearing, banana loving yellow blobs, better known as Minions. The movie is an original story and a prequel to the franchise. The Minion movie has a compelling beginning, with a narrator explaining how the Minions developed from a single celled organism. Their goal in life is to serve the most despicable master of all time. [ Read Full ]
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Review of the Sumo Sultan
For the last couple of months we've been discussing getting furniture that did not leave a person feeling like a human pretzel in need of a chiropractor. Spending hours trying to find a replacement left me feeling like Goldie Locks. The vast majority of furniture was either too small, too hard, too flimsy or too overpriced. We came to the conclusion a bean bag chair would fit our needs perfectly. [ Read Full ]
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Xenophobia Alive and Well at the 87th Academy Awards
The recent salary leak of Sony Pictures Entertainment demonstrated the inequality between gender and race; as fifteen of the seventeen executives appear to be Caucasian males. Wall Street banking is more diversified than a major film studio. It should be of little surprise that Hollywood itself is grappling with the lack of diversity, and white privilege dominated the 87th annual Oscars. [ Read Full ]
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Modern Day Pioneer Woman
In the last 50 years prepackaged cleaning products have become the norm in the majority of households. Most cleaning products are infused with the scents of mountain breeze, after the rain, crisp linen and fresh. "Fresh" what? I am not sure, but Lysol has a product line dedicated to it, including the disinfectant aerosol can for the baby's room! Do you need to express yourself and discover new joys? Perhaps some fragrance boosters to "Stimulate your life and infuse your laundry with these soothing aromas." For all these wonderful and grand products we get to have toxic substances purposely added to our cleaning supplies. [ Read Full ]
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AFT to the Rescue
When I am having a rough day, I will watch the Action Figure Therapy comedy web series. While I laugh my ass off at the AFT content, they also bring awareness to some of the issues military personal and veterans are facing. This is some of the best content I have seen in awhile and they deserve to be recognized. [ Read Full ]
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Militarization of America's Police Force
While the debate is ongoing about the militarization of the police, the U.S.President has ordered a program review enabling law enforcement to purchase military equipment. Yet, Canadian Department of National Defence is equipping police forces across the nation with military equipment, as it is necessary because they are facing "threats". [ Read Full ]
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Dear Summer, WTF?
Dear Summer, [ Read Full ]
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