Systemic Corruption in the Police Force
It is no secret that cops are corrupt. This is not a new phenomena and it has been going on since Augustus, the first emperor of Rome enacted one of the first organized police force in 27 B.C. He created a special unit of undercover operatives housed among the civilian residents. This was in order to keep him safe so he was not assassinated, unlike his uncle, Julius Caesar. He also started the precinct system and employed thousands of watchmen who became powerful men and started passing judgement on lawbreakers. [ Read Full ]
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We live in a society that cannot function without technology and being anonymous is pretty difficult. Many people are attached to their smart phones, vehicles have GPS and the internet has become a tool in education, research, entertainment and has made our lives easier (until it is not working and then people freak the hell out). It has become convenient to have everything at our finger tips, people do not have to leave their homes to shop, socialize or go into the office. Nothing in this world is free, so for the ease of convenience it must be balanced with something of equal value. We give up our anonymity to companies, web hosts, advertisers and to the highest bidder for our information. [ Read Full ]
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A New Kind Of Hell
Most people do not like to announce they have a stalker... I am one of those people, but I have one. Not one of those awww he is following you on Facebook and likes everything you do kind. A real life everywhere I go he is there kind. I dated my stalker for 6 years (at this time he was not a stalker, he was just a douche bag) and I ended it in 2008. It was not a good relationship, why should it be a good break up but stranger things have happened (hell froze over and the Eagles got back together). My ex got himself a girlfriend and I thought he was moving on with his life. [ Read Full ]
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Criminality of the Blue Wall?
For awhile now I have wondered what makes a good police officer? Dedication to the job, wanting to assist the community and or trying to make a meaningful impact on society? I suspect that initially that is why a person wanted to go into law enforcement, however, now it seems a person with a badge and uniform can blatantly break the law without repercussions. Great job if you can get it. [ Read Full ]
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I Love Regina...
Last week people celebrated I Love Regina Day with music, festivities and food galore. At the same time this was happening a critical part the bridge over Pilote Butte Creek on Victoria Ave. E has been deemed unsafe and has been restricted for large trucks. The city of Regina has been aware of this problem for many years of the structural safety and yet did not at any time deem it was important enough to invest in fixing and are now scrambling to find a temporary solution. [ Read Full ]
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