Achy Breaky Don't
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Tyler Farr "Redneck Crazy" needs to have his balls cut off
Our society is a bunch of hypocrites, we spend millions of dollars promoting violence against women is wrong; we are outraged and mortified women in other countries are being beaten because it is the husband's "right". Yet, a country song about an angry douche bag brags that he is going to harass and stalk his ex girlfriend becomes a number one hit in the United States. The kicker some of the Duck Dynasty cast stars in the music video, how is that for wholesome family values. [ Read Full ]
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Review of Eminem MMLP 2
I have been a fan of Eminem since his underground shit and it has been three years since Eminem had released his last album. I had eagerly anticipated the release of Marshall Mathers LP 2 and was impatiently counting down the days until November 5. [ Read Full ]
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