Minions Movie Review
The Despicable Me franchise has devoted a feature length film to the goggle wearing, banana loving yellow blobs, better known as Minions. The movie is an original story and a prequel to the franchise. The Minion movie has a compelling beginning, with a narrator explaining how the Minions developed from a single celled organism. Their goal in life is to serve the most despicable master of all time. [ Read Full ]
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Xenophobia Alive and Well at the 87th Academy Awards
The recent salary leak of Sony Pictures Entertainment demonstrated the inequality between gender and race; as fifteen of the seventeen executives appear to be Caucasian males. Wall Street banking is more diversified than a major film studio. It should be of little surprise that Hollywood itself is grappling with the lack of diversity, and white privilege dominated the 87th annual Oscars. [ Read Full ]
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TMNT 2014 Trailer Reaction
The TMNT trailer was released yesterday, Michael Bay raped the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle name, franchise and under two minutes decimated more than 25 years of history. [ Read Full ]
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Review of Frozen
I don't have any small children in my home and had no desire to see the animated movie, Frozen. However, between all the movie hype, meme references, word of mouth and the movie smashing international boxing office records, I finally caved and curled up with a couple of cats and a cup of coffee and proceeded to watch the movie. [ Read Full ]
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Beiber and FF say it ain't so?
Justin Beiber is rumoured to be starring in the next Fast and the Furious now that Paul Walker has died. [ Read Full ]
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Originality at its finest
In the last week or so I have been trying to catch up on some of the new releases. I watched Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunters, more so because my kid wanted me to (I am a good mom) and her boyfriend refused. That should have been my first clue, if a boyfriend won't watch the movie, it must be bad. I sit down to watch this movie and the premise is not bad.... a brother and sister are bounty hunters during the witch hunting era. However, they have modern weapons.... Yes, that is right.... a cap and ball revolver, a double automatic crossbow, a pump action shotgun and many others that just make you go WOW... REALLY. This movie was so terrible the actors even knew it and were "like fuck, can a witch just kill me now so I can leave". It could have been good, or even great if they would have kept the modern day guns out of it and maybe the ogre.... Yeah somewhere along the lines an ogre comes along. Not sure if this movie was a fairytale, a blow em up action or a historical mocumentary. I was actually yelling at the TV because of its stupidity... and I only do that during coach couching on Rider Game days. [ Read Full ]
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