PayDay2 Has Been Eviscerated
PayDay2 was one of my all time favourite games. I played it religiously every day and racked up more than 600 hours in a couple of months. Friends and I would spend hours stealing, stealthing and slaughtering the police. However, in less than one month my beloved game became a steaming pile of dog shit. [ Read Full ]
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Review of the Sumo Sultan
For the last couple of months we've been discussing getting furniture that did not leave a person feeling like a human pretzel in need of a chiropractor. Spending hours trying to find a replacement left me feeling like Goldie Locks. The vast majority of furniture was either too small, too hard, too flimsy or too overpriced. We came to the conclusion a bean bag chair would fit our needs perfectly. [ Read Full ]
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A Big Fuck You to the "Next Generation" of Gaming Consoles
For Christmas my kid got two things she really wanted, her beloved AR15 with custom pink and purple leopard print and an Xbox 360. She has used her gun several times and her Xbox once. Now if anyone has read any of my previous rants I love to game, and so when my daughter wants to game I get all warm and gooey inside. However, we have very different styles when it comes to gaming. She has to sign her freedom, rights and pay cheques over to some company while I get to game usually at a low cost while still keeping my privacy intact. [ Read Full ]
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