Goodbye Crappy Tire
Sunday, Sep. 29th, 2013 (11579 views)

or many years I have always shopped at Canadian Tire, I still remember it being at the old location going up and down the isle with my grandparents. Canadian Tire was supposed to symbolize Canada and our home shopping needs. If you must really know I love getting the exclusive flyer emailed to me every Wednesday evening and it's treasure chest of goodies as my eyes light up at the wonderful tools they have. ALL of our tools have been purchased from this store based on the awesome deals they have had over the years. When I owned jalopy's for vehicles (I had a lot of them) most car parts were purchased from their parts department. When furnishing my home several times over, nothing beats Canadian Tire pricing from a flyer. I have been a dedicated and loyal customer for over 30 years.
    Over the last year Canadian Tire has become the last place I want to venture, they still have awesome fliers and the rock bottom prices that make me all giddy, but I cannot deal with the incompetence of the staff that work in the store. Today is a great example of this, we were looking for some wire crimps. I found a staff member and he was a young male approximately 17 years old. I asked him for some assistance in what we were looking for and the response was "I don't know what those are" and he just stared at me. I asked if he could get someone to assist us, he went for a colleague and came back about 5 minutes later and stated " I could not find someone, but if you walk down to that desk and push the help button someone should come and help you" he then walked away. WTF, now I need to go find someone else to see if they are competent? This would not be so bad if it was an isolated incident, and I would really think maybe this kid was newly trained, just didn't want to be working on a Sunday or various other reasons why he was incompetent. We walked out of the store with the resolve of not going back.
    Over the summer we were purchasing bikes, first place we went was the tried and true Canadian Tire. In this house we do all our research on every product that is purchased, including stock quantities at each location. We go to the location that has several of the bikes in stock. In the bike section, two young males are working, after we were ignored for 15- 20 minutes we got some service and ask to see two of the bikes we were interested in. One of the males took the codes and left into the storage area, 15 minutes go by and he comes back out again with no bikes and walks past us, I ask him where are the bikes? He looks at us and says he can't find them. He asks the other guy if he knows where the bikes are and they both disappear. There was a mother who was waiting with her little girl for her bike to be brought from the back and she had been waiting longer than us. Both of males come out with neither of the bikes we are looking for and state they cannot find them. The woman with the little girl asks about hers and they just give her a blank stare. At this point we just leave.
    My daughter still needed a bike and she was successful in purchasing her bike from Canadian Tire however, this time we asked for the manager to assist us because I was not dealing with incompetent people. He was wonderful, he knew the pros and cons of the bike and was very honest. So alas, we go back for the second bike that we need and ask for the manager and it was a good experience. However, on the way home the bike started to fall apart, the next day it needed to be fixed and by the third day it was almost unrideable. My daughter's bike needed to go back as well because it broke completely within two days. We go to return the one and exchange the other (my daughter loved the colour and did not want to give it up). There is a no return policy on bikes, it states it on your receipt AFTER you purchased it. The kicker is who do you think put these bikes together? I do not think it is the manager or any other competent person in the store. I will give Canadian Tire credit they did give us our money back for the second bike, which is probably a smart thing to do because by then I was pretty angry.
    This is when I fell in love with Lowes, not only does it have everything that I have ever wanted and desired in one store, tools, appliances, DIY, outdoor garden, Mechanix gloves that you cannot find anywhere else and an industrial bakers rack that I drool over every single time I go into the store. This store is so awesome I am giddy writing about it. The most important aspect of Lowes is the customer service, friendly staff, and you can find someone or two on almost every isle and they are KNOWLEDGEABLE. When I ask if they may know where a product is I get a response "I don't work in that department but I think it is on the end of isle 5", for someone not to work in the department she was pretty accurate, it was in the middle of the isle. When purchasing outdoor flood lights, we were undecided between two sets, the gentleman who worked in that department stated honestly that he thought we had okay choices but showed us a superior product for the same value, we did not even know existed. We LOVE the light and will be purchasing two more. It is that kind of service and knowledge that makes Lowes special.
    Canadian Tire we have been friends for a very long time but like all relationships when it becomes one sided it is time to move on. You have been replaced by Lowes, where there is respect for their customers, awesome service and great products; in turn I will give them my business.

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