Chili's: The Worst Dining Experience I Have Ever Encountered
Monday, May. 21st, 2018 (1269 views)

his past weekend, a few of us went to Saskatoon for an overnight trip. We were looking forward to trying a couple of restaurants that are not available in Regina. We went to the tried and true Milestones, and had an amazing meal. To read the review from last time click here. Since Regina no longer had a Chili's we thought we would give it a try. This place turned out to be one the worst dining experiences we have ever encountered.
    I am going to preface this with, I usually don't complain about my meal or service. In the past I have eaten cold fries, cold burgers and food that looked like someone regurgitated it. I come from the school of, if I don't cook it, then I should be grateful for what is put in front of me. Therefore, when I am complaining about food, it is a dire situation.
    When we entered Chili's it looked like we were walking into a pre-k class; children's drawings plastered all over the hostess area making it look like a bedraggled mess. There was a family in front of us waiting to be seated and the grandmother went to try and find an employee without success. My daughter finally found someone and they seemed annoyed about having to seat a couple of people. We had to wait while they cleaned a table, when we were seated we were met with a smattering of crumbs and stickiness. In the middle of our table was a cool looking tiled mosaic pattern. However the crumbs were so embedded into the grooves it looked like the table had never been cleaned since they opened the business.
    I had such a bad feeling about this place, I wanted to leave, but I thought perhaps the food will be better than their service. We placed our drink and food order. Our drinks came to the table and we were surprised at what we saw. Our Belini's looked like a red melting slurpee served in a 5 oz wine glass that was only half full. Instead of the fruity smell I was expecting, my drink had an odour of cat urine. Since I was going to have to pay for the drink, I begrudgingly drank it.
    While waiting for our food, I noticed that the lights above our tables had no light bulbs and the lamp shade had a thick layer of dust. The floors looked black, almost as if they had never been cleaned before. I know that is most likely from wear and tear but the optics were not appealing. The wood posts had large gouges taken out of them and they weren't fixed or painted.
    By this point we were considering leaving but our appetisers had arrived. We had the "fresh" guacamole and tortilla chips. The guacamole tasted like bland mush, It had a consistency of avocado pudding but with the absence of flavor. The salsa was from a jar, mostly liquid with almost non existent vegetables. I have never had salsa that bland before.
    We should have left right there and then and just paid for our food, but we were holding out hope that the food would be good. They don't seem to have a good grasp on food delivery because our meals arrived at different times. Two of us got Crispy Chicken Crispers and the other two got Cajun Chicken Pasta. Instead of fries they allowed me to substitute some deep fried pickle chips. The pickle chips were soggy but they were edible. The chicken had a rubber texture to it and absolutely NO FLAVOR. Out of the four crispers I was served, I could only gag down a half of one. The other person who ordered them could only eat one as she was turned off by the taste and texture as well.
    The people who got the Cajun pasta were not pleased. They stated that it tasted "watery" as if the pasta had sat in water for days. There plates were devoid of Alfredo sauce. Neither of them could eat any of the food and this is coming from people who will eat 3 day old pasta and not complain. They actually sent their food back and got burgers instead.
    The burgers came with fries and they tasted stale, old and freezer burnt. The burger had a soggy bun and a patty that was pressed too much while cooking and had a brick like consistency. The burger's only condiment was mustard. It was so overwhelming that it tasted like a mustard brick. They went to put ketchup on their fries and burger and lo and behold we had an empty ketchup bottle.
    The washrooms were disgusting. One stall had severe gouges taken out of the toilet seat, one stall was leaking water all over the floor and the other one had toilet paper strewn all about.
    When we went to leave we asked for separate checks. It took over 15 minutes, two employees and a manager to figure out how to split the check into two. I have never encountered such incompetence in my life.
    I used to watch Bar Rescue and Hotel Hell and always thought that things were exaggerated to make the episode interesting. I never honestly thought that I would encounter a place that would give bar rescue a run for its money. I definitely didn't think it would happen at a chain restaurant. The food was so bad we didn't even take the uneaten portions home for the animals.
    Three out of the four of us got sick and the only thing we all had in common was we the chicken. We had to drive to Regina with our stomachs were turning and gurgling. There was a real possibility that people would be vomiting on the side of the road.
    Chili's in Saskatoon needs to be closed down, whoever owns it doesn't seem to care about it, and the manager is definitely not doing his job. This place could be considered mediocre if it added the most basic of spices to its food and took a wet cloth and cleaned the place.

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