Fountain Tire North Is Shady as F*ck
Thursday, Aug. 10th, 2017 (2096 views)

y daughter got a newish car on the weekend and needed some new tires. I recommended Fountain Tire North in Regina, as it has been the go to place for tires for many years. She called and got an estimate on four new tires and a wheel alignment. The total would be around 800 dollars including tax.
    Today she took the vehicle in and several hours later she got a phone call stating that the vehicle needed a ball joint. This was not a surprise as we were informed of this information when the car was purchased. She inquired into how much the ball joint would be and the person from Fountain Tire stated $60.00. She told him to go ahead and get the work done.
    Several hours later they called to say the vehicle was done and she asked for a total. She was shocked at the $1195.00 price tag, and didn't understand why it was so high. I suggested that maybe the labour for the ball joint was higher than she expected and to go through the bill when she got there.
    The tires, wheel alignment and ball joint was exactly what she was expecting, however, she was also charged $32.45+tax for new windshield wipers and $125.00+tax to clean and service front brake pads. Naturally she was upset as this was an extra $175.00 that was not authorized. She spoke to an employee and he stated he told her about the brakes when he called about the ball joint.
    He was sure that he spoke about the brake pads and she stated that if she asked the price of a ball joint, would she not ask the price of brakes? That also left the unauthorized windshield wipers. He conceded that he did not mention that she needed new wipers.
    Anyone with a half a gnats brain would realize the price of the "cleaning" of brake pads are more expensive than replacing a whole set. Neither of us has ever paid to have "extras" put on the vehicles. It is more economical to change items like air filters, windshield wipers and fluids yourself than it is to pay when getting your vehicle serviced.
    Fountain Tire did refund her $175.00 for the cleaning and the windshield wiper. However, this incident has left me angry and sad. Whether this incident was due to a rogue employee or new policy of the store it is now cemented that Fountain Tire has lost the business of this family. It has also taught both of us that we must record every interaction with businesses to ensure our rights.

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