PayDay2 Has Been Eviscerated
Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 2017 (1713 views)

ayDay2 was one of my all time favourite games. I played it religiously every day and racked up more than 600 hours in a couple of months. Friends and I would spend hours stealing, stealthing and slaughtering the police. However, in less than one month my beloved game became a steaming pile of dog shit.
    I am morally opposed to DLC, I find they are just a big money grab for content that should have been included with the game. However, the DLC's content for PD2 was so well done, I did not have an issue buying new heists. I purchased almost every heist DLC that was released. Hell, I even bought some of the DLC's for friends. I had no issue in supporting Overkill in their endeavors, of making great content.
    In 2015, Overkill released a 10 day long annual event called Crimefest. The day it was released I was ecstatic with the new content that was introduced. However, in less than 10 minutes my elation turned exasperation and anger. Overkill announced that weapons had been "rebalanced" and they introduced a Black Market. Essentially Microtransactions (MT) were added to the game.
    For years, Overkill stated they would never introduce MT's and seemed offended if anyone broached the subject. However, without warning or feedback from the community, MT were introduced. People felt betrayed and were angry that the DLC's packages they bought were essentially useless with the new rebalance.
    Within a couple of weeks, I noticed how unfair the game became. My DLC guns that I purchased, suddenly became inaccurate and stability was an issue. It got to be to the point that my favourite weapon that I had used for over 450 hours was now useless. I would need to "improve" my already paid gun by purchasing the upgrades through microtransactions.
    I could not just purchase the "improvements" needed to make my gun functional again, I had to purchase a safe and "hope" that what I needed was in the loot. Essentially I could spend hundreds of dollars on getting the one item I needed to make my gun functional again.
    With the addition of the MT the game also became impossible to play. Guards were teleporting through doors and windows. They can see players that are clearly on the other side of the map, which made stealthing impossible, especially for the heists that you NEEDED to stealth in. The lag became horrific and it is almost a relief when the game crashed.
    In less than a month the game turned into a unplayable game. OVERKILL had no plans to address any of these issues or fix the bug issues. I essentially stopped playing the game as it was a frustrating pile of shit.
    Two years later, I really wanted to play PD2, I was even dreaming of my favorite levels. The game is such a clusterfuck that it is unrecognizable. This new layout is confusing and very frustrating even for a veteran of the game. Bascially it is stumbling around the safehouse, while trying to figure out who everyone is and what their rolls are. Finding information for heists was nearly impossible. I spent over 20 minutes just trying to find the "crime net".
    Once I got to I noticed issues with the map, a person could not scroll across the map to get to the heists they wanted to play. However, I did notice new content, which made me happy.
    When I tried to to play my favorite heist, I noticed, over half my items that I either paid for or earned by playing the game were "locked". I would need to REPURCHASE the items that I already paid for. I could not interact with items needed to advance in the game. Essentially, I could not play the game.
    It is always a bad sign when the developers stop listening to what the community is reporting, especially when biggest money maker for the company. It doesn't bode well for the success of PayDay3. I for one, will never touch another game developed by Starbreeze/Overkill.

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