RCMP Internal Study Highlights Corruption
Tuesday, May. 20th, 2014 (4013 views)

hen a private citizen speaks out about the abuse, systemic corruption and overt cover ups by law enforcement they are labelled as "anti police". It bewilders me that people will blindly accept police officers are inherently good and any action taken against a "suspect" was justified. If the officers themselves become criminals, they are regarded as being bad apples among a police force that is honest and good. However, the "bad apples" must be running rampant, as an internal study dubbed Project Sanction was ordered. The RCMP wanted to ascertain if the corruption was an epidemic.
    The data was collected between 1995 to 2005, over the eleven years there were 322 incidents involving 204 officers. The most common breach was improperly giving out police information, followed by fraud, misuse of police officer status, theft and interference with the judicial process. The corruption in the judicial process could have been anything from ticket fixing, falsifying evidence, perjury or protection of illegal activities and over a dozen examples involving organized crime. While these are all criminal activities, a private citizen would be arrested and charged, the RCMP members were docked pay or resigned as indicated here.
    At first glance these statistics are not alarming, considering the RCMP employs over 19,000 members. However, Commissioner Bob Paulson has stated they did not keep track of serious misconduct of its officers. He could not say with confidence whether incidents of misconduct including assaults, impaired driving and fraud were a problem in the force. From 2005 to 2008, 335 cases were brought to a tribunal. Over 100 cases were for assault, sexual assault, harassment, giving false or misleading statements, child pornography or unauthorized use of the CPIC database. I suspect the Project Sanction incidents must have been pretty severe to have even been documented.
    Nothing says a whitewash document like giving a rationale for the incidents. "It was apparent that many of the incidents identified in this study were a result of poor guidance, lack of adequate supervision, or a combination of life pressures that culminated in a desperate decision". It is also ironic that some of the officers committed more than one offence and they were not rookies when the criminal activities took place; the median age on the force was 13 years. I was unaware the moral compass was broken when people were not properly supervised and life got in the way. If a private citizen would have used any of these excuses the police would laugh their asses off.
    Officer goes to arrest a citizen for theft of stereo equipment from his place of employment
    Citizen: Officer, Officer, my manager was never around and money was tight
    Officer: Good enough for me, have a nice day
    Officer puts his handcuffs away and leaves
    Project Sanction study was completed in 2008, and due to the Freedom of Information Act made available to the public this week. The RCMP had six years to put forth the recommendations in the report and yet, in 2013 did not have a system to track misconduct. A sexual harassment class action lawsuit has been brought forth and officers are on trial for perjury. A Commission for Public Complaints is investigating a woman's complaint that she was abused and received no assistance from the RCMP. They dispute this however, an officer in another jurisdiction was recorded responding to a domestic violence call, "So did she deserve to get hit?". When you have a corrupt system, leaves very little faith that you will get a good cop.

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