Stalkers Need To Have Their Own Registeries
Saturday, Mar. 8th, 2014 (4463 views)

or the last six years I have been stalked and the psychotic asshole can not get it through his pea sized brain to let me go. Apparently, being arrested, breaching his conditions, probation, counselling and all the wonderful feel good politically correct programs that are available did not work for him. Why must he immerse himself in my life and constantly try to see what I am writing on this site? Even though the IP has been BANNED, his compulsion to stay connected, has him using his iPhone to read my rants.
    I should not have to live my life like a recluse to feel safe, secure and fear being killed because some douche bag has a compulsion to keep me in his life. This is why stalkers need their own registries and their faces known to the public. The online database should include name, aliases, date of birth, current picture and address, identifying marks, vehicle information, employment sector, and convictions. Their faces and locations should be out in the public so their neighbours, employers, coworkers, potential dates, or in laws will know these people have an inclination for stalking.
    Let the stalkers go out in to the public and have the community watching them, if they move or start dating someone new they must report it within 7 days. People can search the registry for known stalkers in their neighbourhood, potential dates can look to find out of this person has a history of stalking behaviour and decide if they are willing to take the risk. In laws can look at the registry if they find something amiss about their child's potential partner. This will also assist the police when a complaint comes forward.
    The registry is not going to stop stalking but at least it will be a proactive measure and give victims back some of their power and put the stalkers on the defensive. There are detractors to any kind of online registry because of vigilantes harass and vandalize. I'm sorry, is that not what stalkers do to their victims. My heart bleeds for the stalkers who may have to experience and feel what their victims go through.
    Aww, I feel really bad that stalkers may have to take time off of work to report the harassment and vandalism. They have to spend some time and money to replace items, contact insurance agencies, fill out paperwork and have no concrete proof who did it. It will make it difficult to have a relationship, when stalkers have to explain that they are a psycho up front. They may have to become a recluse, remove themselves from social media and change emails to have a sense of peace and security. I am sure if they go to the police they will take the claims seriously, about as seriously as they did the stalking victims.

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