Systemic Corruption in the Police Force
Sunday, Mar. 2nd, 2014 (12818 views)

t is no secret that cops are corrupt. This is not a new phenomena and it has been going on since Augustus, the first emperor of Rome enacted one of the first organized police force in 27 B.C. He created a special unit of undercover operatives housed among the civilian residents. This was in order to keep him safe so he was not assassinated, unlike his uncle, Julius Caesar. He also started the precinct system and employed thousands of watchmen who became powerful men and started passing judgement on lawbreakers.
    In the last century there has been rumblings that cops were working for the mafia, beat the living shit out of suspects for confessions, tortured suspects for information, framed innocent men or picked on people because they had nothing better to do. Most people thought it was a farce or it only happened in the movies. However, in my daily readings more and more news articles are about cops caught breaking the law. A Brooklyn man was set up by the NYPD and only after he produced surveillance footage were the felonious charges dropped. Another article officers were charged with misconduct after beating a man and lying on the reports.
    Nothing says corruption like David Mack, Rafael Perez and the infamous Rampart investigation. It exposed a squad, 70 cops and the Chief of police of being dirty. It also unveiled the LAPD structural problems and implied the the Mayor and some judges of being corrupt. Mack is also implicated in the killing of Notorious B.I.G. and the alleged cover up by the LAPD. Even though officers admitted to killing citizens in cold blood, robbery, stealing drugs and a host of other horrendous crimes only 5 officers were fired. 140 civil suits were filed and hundreds of millions of dollars had to be paid out for the travesty the officers wilfully and with approval enacted upon LA. Yet, most of them are still on the force.
    Since these examples are from the US, I thought I would give a sample of local corruption. A Regina Police officer fired after a surveillance camera showed he lied about an assault. This is why most police officers do not like to be recorded, it is really hard to be corrupt when they are being legally filmed. Another Regina cop who already had a history of breaking the law and a conviction while being a police officer was arrested again. This time for stealing evidence from an investigation, and was he fired? No, he was suspended with pay until he resigned.
    Saskatchewan is one of the two provinces in Canada the municipal police aren’t legislated under access and privacy laws. This has implications for the citizens who would like to ensure that government bodies and public institutions are kept transparent and held accountable. Without a Freedom of Information act any power the privacy commissioner has to investigate privacy breaches is nullified. People are also muzzled when questioning the police force. They are not allowed to request any information from the police, not even if it pertains to themselves. The only thing the "Privacy Commissioner" has the power to do is keep the police and government corruption and systematic abuses private.
    So cops are crooked, this is not a surprise, the system is set up to protect the cops, this too is not a surprise. Aboriginal people are 11 times higher to be incarcerated than white people, very disheartening and sad, but not shocking. What is astonishing, crooked cops trying to set up someone who is ungodly rich, white and above all a pop star. I think the cops have lost their marbles or have been insulated by the system for so long they think they are untouchable.
    Just for the record I HATE Justin Beaver, I think he is a snot nosed diva brat who has broken the law in both countries far too many times and got away with it. I, for one will be the first to cheer when he gets his ass hauled into jail and becomes someone's bitch. However, this does not give any police officer the right to fabricate evidence against someone. The incidence in question (because there have been so many) is the DUI arrest in Miami. Most people and me included, would have believed the little snot bag would be drag racing while intoxicated. While the case has not gone to trial, there is already credibility issues rearing its ugly head.
    The police report states that the officer followed Bieber for 20 blocks and then clocked him and his friend drag racing at speeds of 60 miles an hour. The data output for the Lamborghini does not exceed 27 miles an hour, the GPS from the police officer's vehicle does not show exceeding the speed limit for the 20 blocks. Perhaps drag racing means something different in Miami? The officer stated when he pulled over Bieber, he smelled a strong odour alcohol emanating off of his breath. The report also states another office smelt an odour of an alcoholic beverage on Bieber's breath. However, 4 breathalyzers were administered and they all show under 0.011 that is equivalent to rinsing your mouth out with mouth wash. It has been documented in the report, Bieber did not perform well on the standard field sobriety test.
    The prosecutors have an uphill battle in this case, not only are there issues with the data from the vehicle(s), the breathalyzer, but the the arresting officer Steven Cosner has been accused of misconduct 15 times in eleven years. Five of the cases he failed to show up for court hearings. He was reprimanded with three verbal warnings and two write ups. This cop who does not have enough respect for the law to go to court, but somehow he has enough respect to uphold the law and arrest people and do it with morals and ethics.
    When shit started to leak about the beloved officer and his misconduct, law enforcement started to pin all their hopes on the field sobriety test that was given at the police station to bolster their case. I have watched the video and Bieber walks a straight line, TWICE. The Miami PD has released over nine hours of video footage and photo's of Bieber's arrest. Right down to him pissing in a cup and are trying to blur the video of him taking a leak. It is unheard of to release in to the public the arrest in its entirety unless they are looking at making this a mini reality show featuring how corrupt and inept the Miami PD is.
    We have a cop that has 15 misconduct charges, a police force that still has him patrolling the street and upholding the law even though he has proven he has no regard for it. At 4 AM he sees a youth driving around in a fast car. Follows him for 20 blocks trying to find a reason to pull him over, when he doesn't find one he makes one up. It is no different when dirty cops plant evidence on a "known" drug dealer or beat the shit out a criminal, who is the judge going to believe, a known criminal or a distinguished cop? This is how corrupt cops operate, the only difference between Bieber and some other citizen is Bieber has the funds, social media and lawyers on speed dial to make sure he is not rail roaded by crooked cops and a broken system.
    If the corrupt cops are willing to set up a famous white kid, what would they have done to a poor black kid in the exact same circumstances? Do you think the outcome would have been the same? Would he even be alive, or be shot because some overzealous cop thought he had a weapon? Bieber's arrest report stated that the cop thought Bieber may have a weapon. Would anyone even care enough to look at the arresting officer's history? Would 4 breathalyzers be administered? Would a lawyer even care enough to look at the arrest in detail and look at the video tape, or would they tell him to take a plea?
    When did we let our rights and freedoms erode until we have become complacent at being a corrupt society? Why are people so passively indifferent to the systemic rape our of judicial system? Why are only a select few passionate about defying, opposing and uncovering corrupt cops, squads, judges and politicians, while others accept the status quo?

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Sunday, February 1st, 2015 10:58AM
Tim Lalonde:
I am currently facing charges after my neighbors stole from me and I pushed them off my property while they were stealing. I have evidence of my neighbors selling drugs and I mean a lot of video and audio evidence of drugs deals. The police charged me and wanted all my video evidence destroyed as they claimed it was harassment. The videos also show the RCMP coming out of the house with large bags and an intense friendship between the officers and the drug dealers. The RCMP has banned me from making the videos public or giving them to someone else to make public.