The Joys of Craptel
Saturday, Dec. 28th, 2013 (11066 views)

n December 2, 2013 CTRC enacted new legislation which forces cell phone service providers to notify their customers when they are internationally roaming. This includes capping data roaming at 100 dollars. For overage a person will be charged 50 dollars or have their account suspended. This means Sasktel can no longer screw customers out of hundred and sometimes thousands of dollars.
    Three weeks after this new law came into effect Sasktel sent High Speed internet users a lovely Christmas present. Starting in February 2014 an increase of 14 percent will be added to their internet packages. The reasoning "Price increases allow SaskTel to continue to invest in our network; to meet the costs of developing and maintaining more advanced High Speed Internet service options throughout Saskatchewan. We want to ensure our High Speed Internet service offers world-class connectivity and is ready to deliver the Internet of the future"
    On social media, Sasktel repeatedly asks their customers why they are so unhappy with the customer service and when I responded very politely on their facebook page why I was dissatisfied, my post was removed and I was banned. I noticed a trend, when anyone had negative comments about the company the posts were removed. They screw you and censor what is written. So glad I live in China.
    Sasktel I will tell you why customers are angry with you,
    I was a customer with Sasktel for over 20 years and faithfully paid my bill on time every month. In the beginning Sasktel had phenomenal service and I was happy with them. Over the years it had eroded dramatically and I could tell where things started to shift in the company. In 2005 every time it would rain I would lose my telephone service for three or four days. Sasktel insisted it was an internal problem and would cost 90 dollars an hour to have it investigated by a technician. After a year of this I finally relented, having a home phone was important, and the technician came out. The wiring was faulty, from the pole to outside of my residence and was not an internal issue. I asked for some sort of reimbursement, since I had sporadic phone service every time it rained and was told, I should have called in earlier to have my situation rectified. I was dumbfounded, I explained to them I did call in, and the response was but that was a year ago.
    I moved residence and had internet and max installed; I had nothing but issues from the time I had moved in. Every week I was calling with Max outages. Boxes and modems would be reset, internet would mysteriously go haywire or I would lose internet altogether and I would spend an hour or so on the phone with the help desk trying to "find" my internet. During one of these grand adventures, I lost internet during a timed final exam, called Sasktel, was on hold for over 15 minutes. Got frustrated and made a mad dash for the nearest library and begged and pleaded with the Librarian to let me on a computer to finish my exam. Went back home and spent another hour trying to trouble shoot the issue again.
    I spent many hours talking to the help desk, and probably spent more time talking to them then I did my family or friends. Service calls would have to be booked, but in the mean time, we would be without some sort of service or sporadic service. Under Sasktel's policy someone over 18 must be present and that meant I either had to take time off of work or modify my evening schedule to accommodate service calls. I got so fed up and frustrated having to deal with Sasktel twice a week I upgraded to the biggest package. For this convenience I got to pay 100 dollars more a month, they would not subsidize the package even though I had Max and it was supposed to include internet. I paid full price for Max and then another hundred dollars just so I could have some sanity.
    The technician that came out to install the new internet on the line found my Max boxes were installed incorrectly and the wiring was done backwards. You would think for as many service techs who were at my residence one of them would have noticed something so small as incorrect wiring. He was hoping the new wiring and having separate internet from the Max would rectify the issues. However, it is sad that Sasktel technicians know that other service providers have better equipment and faster internet speeds; all they can do is install what they are given to work with while having a pained look on their faces.
    Within the month I was back to ghosting on the Max, sporadic internet and I would be lucky if I would be getting one quarter of the internet speed I was paying for. For this privilege I got to pay over 500 dollars a month between Max, internet, home and cell phones.
    After I installed the biggest package Sasktel had to offer, and still had issues, I would call the help desk, but it would usually be after hours and they would see an issue but could not do anything until the next day and would have a tier 2 call me. I was then informed that we had too many devices hooked up to the internet and it was saturating the lines. We had three computers and three cell phones, a tablet and gaming system even though none of them may have been in use at the same time. I asked them how this could even be possible since we are on the biggest package Sasktel has to offer and they said there is nothing they could do. Even though I asked them how is it if I am the only one awake and every other device is unplugged I still have no internet? Their response, the modem is recycling. So now I get the excuse I have too many devices, the modem is recycling, but it is not Sasktel's fault. While on the phone we unplug the modem, plug it back in as per the weekly routine, and lo and behold, there seems to be a bigger issue and they are going to do a service call. My modem must be bad, and I have no internet or Max AGAIN.
    One of the issues with Sasktel is that I have to troubleshoot from work, the girls call me that we either have no internet or Max, but I have to call in. While waiting on hold for 20-40 minutes I finally get through and they would like me to try various things. I cannot do this I am at the office, the machines are at home, but we need you to reset the modem. The girls have already reset the modem, the boxes and every other routine and trick we know before they called me. I now have kids who are experts at Craptel's equipment but cannot complete their homework and I get to call back to Sasktel and play lets trouble shoot again for an hour. Yippee.
    I moved to my last residence and I begged I wanted senior technicians to do the install of the equipment. I requested it, I talked to management, with the understanding that I would only keep my service if senior techs came out. Who was dispatched, not even Sasktel, nope they sub contract their installs out to Ledcor. They did not install what was requested. They had major issues getting the Sasktel Max to work and were here over 2.5 hours. I called Sasktel immediately and told them they did not do the basement internet jacks. I was told the only way it could be rectified if I paid for someone to come out and install the jacks because it was not on the order form, even though I specifically asked for the exact same set up as my old residence. I responded that is fine, but when the modems melt, I will not be held responsible and they asked what I was referring to. I told them the installers had put the modems on top of the hot water pipes near the washing machine.
    Sasktel workers were booked within 2 days to move the modem. I cannot get a service call to fix internet but for their equipment they move awfully fast. I again had issues with Sasktel internet speed, lag and equipment and ip addresses would randomly change. I had talked to Sasktel twice a week on hold for over 40 minutes, paying for the biggest package and not even getting 10 M down when I should be getting 25 is outrageous. I was told again too many gadgets saturating the line. I am unsure how three phones, a tablet, a gaming system and computers is saturating a line that is supposed to do 25 M down. This is 2013 it became that only one person could either game or be on the computer at the same time, it was very sad when we would have to ask each other "are you going to play a game, okay I won't go on the internet" on the biggest package Sasktel had to offer.
    I called after we lost Max and internet and was told that there was an issue with our modem but we could not get a new one until a service tech could come out. A service call could be booked in 5 days. I am paying 500 dollars a month and I will be without Max and internet for another 5 days. I said to them what if I come and get a modem and they said sure, I went down there and picked one up. I got to spend 4 hours on the phone trouble shooting how to fix the issue because it was not the modem. There was an issue between the Sasktel main server trying to communicate with the modem.
    After it was finally up and running I asked them for some sort of rebate for all the trouble I had gone through and all the issues I had been having up until that point. The help desk could not authorize that I would have to call back the next day and speak to customer service. I called back and waited on hold for this time 43 minutes, I timed it. They looked at my notes and seen I called in over 14 times in less than a 3 month window between my internet and max. I asked for some sort of reimbursement not only for my time but because I am not having the service I am paying for.
    By this time I was about to pull my 20 year service I was so angry and frustrated. The service rep said she could give me one month free service if I guaranteed to stay with Sasktel for 6 months. Let's do the math free internet for one month 100 dollars, service with Sasktel for 6 months 3000 dollars. It was that response that made me cancel my service that very moment. If she would have just said we are so sorry you have been having issues I would have been mollified but to add strings to it, made me very angry. I have switched to Access, not only do I get 50 M down and 3 M up it is double what Sasktel offered and CHEAPER.
    I have no issues with Access, we can actually game and be on more than ONE computer. My internet has not failed, we can download and it takes mere minutes while other people are still on the network. SERIOUSLY there is a company that is an answer to your prayers. I have been in awe. Even today I still walk around in shock saying "do you realize how stable our internet has been" (I really do say this). If I have a question and need to call into the service desk, I have never waited more than 3 minutes. That is not a typo, three minutes.
    In Canada we have some of the highest internet rates in the world and for Sasktel to gouge us again is not only ballsy it is going to drive customers to the competitors.I left because of shitty customer service and being told it is my fault that I am saturating a line with normal use. Sub par equipment that is known globally to fail and is the worst on the market; customers should not have to unplug their modems to have internet on a weekly basis. It is asinine. If Sasktel offered me free service for the rest of my life I would not take it.

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Sunday, December 29th, 2013 9:24PM
Yeah Sasktel is good at denying problems and making everyone else deal with it. Every time I had a client call with a network issue and they were on SaskHELL I did this dance. They deny it's their problem to the customer, customer then calls me at $60 to $80 an hour to find it's Sasktel's equipment causing the issues. Year after year Sasktell are like small children when something goes wrong. "Who broke this!?" -Parent "Wunddent me!" -Sasktel They never follow through with service promises, don't give a fuck how they screw you and charge you no matter how much service disruption you deal with.