Target... Dont waste your breath
Tuesday, Jul. 30th, 2013 (12381 views)

n Regina we do not have a lot of big box stores, I was excited that Target was coming to Regina and with a Starbucks no less. Hell I even had my kids apply for jobs because I heard how great this store was. I waited impatiently for Target to open up, thinking about all the cool and nifty shit we could get there and at reasonable prices.
    The day that Target opened its doors to the public, I must admit that I was so excited that I got up early just to go. I had planned for two hours just to look at the store. I walked in and there was lines for the registers halfway around the store. I really thought this was going to be so cool. First isle I hit was the cereal (it was the closest one I could get down) and lo and behold I found Chex.... I was off to a great start, shit that I could not find in Canada was right there in my hand. I was off to search for the next great find, I needed a bug zapper and headed for the seasonal area....
    What the hell, no seasonal area, it must be here, I see weed killer and a hoe so I know I am in the right section.... The section that was a quarter isle long.... Okay don't panic there is more great stuff in the store :)... I was off to the shoe department, now Target has the reputation for having theee best shoe department that goes on for isles and isles. So I am looking through the store and found a whole big ass section of duct tape.... We LOVE duct tape so another Whooo Hooo moment.... I came across a section that had shoes, but it was tiny, I mean itty bitty tiny. Walmart has a bigger shoe selection and for that matter Zellers shoes blew this out of the water. I was so sad.... so off to the electronics....
    I LOVE electronics, I play with my gadgets all the time. I see tv's and games so I must be in the right department, but where is everything else that is not an Apple product. I am sure Apple is somehow in cahoots with Target... I start looking at the prices for some items we need.... WTF, the prices are outrageously high and it had items that looked like America would not touch if they were paid... Outdated crap at an extremely high price, deflated my excitement.
    Okay so this is some kind of joke.... I go off to the kitchen area, not a lot there, actually I was looking for stand up mixer, do they even sell stand up mixers? I think they do because I saw three of them all the same product just in a different color, and almost double what I would pay at Canadian Tire. Grasping at anything to make this store rock, I go to the baking isle.... ohhh sorry, the baking rack.... That is right I have more shit in my kitchen then Target does in their store.
    I am so despondent now, I put down the Chex and Duct tape and left. That is right I walked out of Target empty handed....
    Now you would think that would be the end of Target, I was still delusional to think the store might rock and I just had really high standards. So I took some people with me who have been to Targets in the USA.... Needless to say we were in and out within 20 minutes. With nothing in our hands again. The store looks like a Zellers, had prices that are more expensive than Zellers ever was and had nothing I needed or for that matter wanted.
    To say the least, I was less than impressed, I want to know where they got their price guide from... Somewhere in the Yukon because I could shop at Safeway and it would be cheaper. Someone must have told Target that we all live in igloos and would buy this crap, because they are definitely out of touch with Canada and our prices.
    Needless to say I will have to stay with Walmart or drive to the South end to Lowes (which rocks and is my favourite store). It does not matter that Target is closer and located in the mall, it will not get my business as I cannot afford to cut off my right arm to finance a trip to Target.
    It gets 1/10 for a rating just because it had Chex and duct tape.

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