Chili's: The Worst Dining Experience I Have Ever Encountered
This past weekend, a few of us went to Saskatoon for an overnight trip. We were looking forward to trying a couple of restaurants that are not available in Regina. We went to the tried and true Milestones, and had an amazing meal. To read the review from last time click here. Since Regina no longer had a Chili's we thought we would give it a try. This place turned out to be one the worst dining experiences we have ever encountered. [ Read Full ]
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Déja Vu Café Is Worth The Drive
A couple of times a year we trek to Moose Jaw and enjoy the day at the spa and try new eating establishments. A couple of summer's ago we stumbled onto this little café called Déja Vu. Unbeknown to me it was featured on You Gotta Eat Here. [ Read Full ]
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PayDay2 Has Been Eviscerated
PayDay2 was one of my all time favourite games. I played it religiously every day and racked up more than 600 hours in a couple of months. Friends and I would spend hours stealing, stealthing and slaughtering the police. However, in less than one month my beloved game became a steaming pile of dog shit. [ Read Full ]
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Fountain Tire North Is Shady as F*ck
My daughter got a newish car on the weekend and needed some new tires. I recommended Fountain Tire North in Regina, as it has been the go to place for tires for many years. She called and got an estimate on four new tires and a wheel alignment. The total would be around 800 dollars including tax. [ Read Full ]
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Why I Don't Use Social Media
I don't use social media for several reasons but the video below demonstrates the realities of why social media will be the destruction of our civil liberties, financial security and our privacy. [ Read Full ]
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Review of Milestones In Saskatoon
This past weekend we went to Saskatoon for a concert. For dinner we wanted to try a restaurant that Regina does not have. There was plenty to choose from and we decided on Milestones. [ Read Full ]
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Cat Day
Cats are revered and loved in Japan, they even get their own island. This year marks the 30th anniversary of Cat Day. Even Disney Japan got into the spirit by declaring the day to be "Marie Day," after the young female character from the Aristocats. [ Read Full ]
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When The Law Fails
Stalking and Domestic Violence is a national crisis. Every five days in Canada, a woman is murdered by her partner or former partner. How does a victim protect themselves when the laws cannot? [ Read Full ]
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So Long Scribd
I have a vivacious appetite for reading. I can easily read hundreds of books a year and it can become very pricey. I stumbled upon Scribd and instantly fell in love with it. I have been a member for 3 years and love the fact that I have over a million books at my fingertips and for only $56 a year. [ Read Full ]
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The Barbaric Religion?
A social experiment highlighting prejudices of one religion that has been perpetrated by mass media, politicians and public policies. [ Read Full ]
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