Can I Borrow That Bucket
The power of humanity can come in the smallest acts of kindness [ Read Full ]
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Judge Sets Precedent: When Pissed Off, Fist Fight
In the judicial system it is not uncommon to have incompetent lawyers and judges who think they are above the law. However, when they are in a courtroom flagrantly breaking the very laws they are sworn to uphold perhaps it is time to rethink who we want to make decisions over people's future. [ Read Full ]
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Bathroom not included
Who builds a commercial airplane with no bathroom? An idiot [ Read Full ]
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RCMP Internal Study Highlights Corruption
When a private citizen speaks out about the abuse, systemic corruption and overt cover ups by law enforcement they are labelled as "anti police". It bewilders me that people will blindly accept police officers are inherently good and any action taken against a "suspect" was justified. If the officers themselves become criminals, they are regarded as being bad apples among a police force that is honest and good. However, the "bad apples" must be running rampant, as an internal study dubbed Project Sanction was ordered. The RCMP wanted to ascertain if the corruption was an epidemic. [ Read Full ]
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CNN and the Indigenous Hatred
CNN has come out of it's bubble to report on something other than the Malaysia Airlines MH370 crash. They decided to cover Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge and the scowling baby George as they took their first visit overseas. This has been one of the most uneventful trips with photo ops of baby play dates with commoners and rowing events, nothing spectacular or scandalous. [ Read Full ]
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Battered Woman Found Not Guilty For Killing Her Husband As He Beat Her
The Cassandra Knott case will be historically relevant and not because of the verdict handed down in the second degree murder trial. The controversy surrounding this case is more about the benefits of cameras in a courtroom than it is about a battered woman who was defending herself against her abusive husband. [ Read Full ]
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Disabled Teenager Charged with Wiretapping After Recording His Bullies
A disabled teenager was being mercilessly bullied at school, sometimes with the teacher being right in the vicinity. He recorded the abuse since the administrators were not taking him seriously. When presented with the evidence the principle had the victim CHARGED with wiretapping and eventually he was found guilty of disorderly conduct. [ Read Full ]
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Fuck The Poor
A shocking, thought provoking, social experiment designed to show that people care about poverty but don’t always back that up with charitable giving. [ Read Full ]
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Afghanistan Kicked Our Asses
Peter McKay (former defence minster of Canada) did an CBC interview and has acknowledged the government could have done more for its soldiers in Afghanistan. When I read this statement I was in shock. My first reaction since his political party is in office; was waiting for the justification on why they should not be held accountable. [ Read Full ]
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TMNT 2014 Trailer Reaction
The TMNT trailer was released yesterday, Michael Bay raped the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle name, franchise and under two minutes decimated more than 25 years of history. [ Read Full ]
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