TMNT 2014 Trailer Reaction
The TMNT trailer was released yesterday, Michael Bay raped the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle name, franchise and under two minutes decimated more than 25 years of history. [ Read Full ]
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Review of Frozen
I don't have any small children in my home and had no desire to see the animated movie, Frozen. However, between all the movie hype, meme references, word of mouth and the movie smashing international boxing office records, I finally caved and curled up with a couple of cats and a cup of coffee and proceeded to watch the movie. [ Read Full ]
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Stalkers Need To Have Their Own Registeries
For the last six years I have been stalked and the psychotic asshole can not get it through his pea sized brain to let me go. Apparently, being arrested, breaching his conditions, probation, counselling and all the wonderful feel good politically correct programs that are available did not work for him. Why must he immerse himself in my life and constantly try to see what I am writing on this site? Even though the IP has been BANNED, his compulsion to stay connected, has him using his iPhone to read my rants. [ Read Full ]
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"I'm Not the Only One"
I was born and raised in Regina, my extended family lived within a four block radius from each other and there was always a sense of community. It was not uncommon for us to sleep with the door open at night, knowing that no one would break in. I could bring home some new friend and all of our belongings would still be in our residence at the end of the night. Taking the bus, was a relatively fast way to get from one end of town to the other, we could go from Rochdale to the East end in under 40 Minutes. Granted to get to my high school I had to take three buses in the morning but it still only took 25 minutes. Our city was not ideal but in one generation I don't even recognize this city. [ Read Full ]
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Systemic Corruption in the Police Force
It is no secret that cops are corrupt. This is not a new phenomena and it has been going on since Augustus, the first emperor of Rome enacted one of the first organized police force in 27 B.C. He created a special unit of undercover operatives housed among the civilian residents. This was in order to keep him safe so he was not assassinated, unlike his uncle, Julius Caesar. He also started the precinct system and employed thousands of watchmen who became powerful men and started passing judgement on lawbreakers. [ Read Full ]
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Tyler Farr "Redneck Crazy" needs to have his balls cut off
Our society is a bunch of hypocrites, we spend millions of dollars promoting violence against women is wrong; we are outraged and mortified women in other countries are being beaten because it is the husband's "right". Yet, a country song about an angry douche bag brags that he is going to harass and stalk his ex girlfriend becomes a number one hit in the United States. The kicker some of the Duck Dynasty cast stars in the music video, how is that for wholesome family values. [ Read Full ]
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A Big Fuck You to the "Next Generation" of Gaming Consoles
For Christmas my kid got two things she really wanted, her beloved AR15 with custom pink and purple leopard print and an Xbox 360. She has used her gun several times and her Xbox once. Now if anyone has read any of my previous rants I love to game, and so when my daughter wants to game I get all warm and gooey inside. However, we have very different styles when it comes to gaming. She has to sign her freedom, rights and pay cheques over to some company while I get to game usually at a low cost while still keeping my privacy intact. [ Read Full ]
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A New Age Christmas?
Traditionally, the Christmas season is a time for people to visit family and friends, go from house to house and spread good cheer. Many people have Christmas parties, work parties, spouses work obligations, kids Christmas concerts, and every other party, celebration or gathering I am forgetting because I usually don't go. Writing all of this is making me exhausted. [ Read Full ]
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Beiber and FF say it ain't so?
Justin Beiber is rumoured to be starring in the next Fast and the Furious now that Paul Walker has died. [ Read Full ]
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Review of Eminem MMLP 2
I have been a fan of Eminem since his underground shit and it has been three years since Eminem had released his last album. I had eagerly anticipated the release of Marshall Mathers LP 2 and was impatiently counting down the days until November 5. [ Read Full ]
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