Filming the police
The police have always been allowed to work under secrecy, rarely been scrutinized or have had to answer for their actions. This shocking video demonstrates why citizens should be recording law enforcement; to hold them accountable and transparent for their actions as they are sworn to serve and protect. [ Read Full ]
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Stalkers Need To Have Their Own Registeries
For the last six years I have been stalked and the psychotic asshole can not get it through his pea sized brain to let me go. Apparently, being arrested, breaching his conditions, probation, counselling and all the wonderful feel good politically correct programs that are available did not work for him. Why must he immerse himself in my life and constantly try to see what I am writing on this site? Even though the IP has been BANNED, his compulsion to stay connected, has him using his iPhone to read my rants. [ Read Full ]
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"I'm Not the Only One"
I was born and raised in Regina, my extended family lived within a four block radius from each other and there was always a sense of community. It was not uncommon for us to sleep with the door open at night, knowing that no one would break in. I could bring home some new friend and all of our belongings would still be in our residence at the end of the night. Taking the bus, was a relatively fast way to get from one end of town to the other, we could go from Rochdale to the East end in under 40 Minutes. Granted to get to my high school I had to take three buses in the morning but it still only took 25 minutes. Our city was not ideal but in one generation I don't even recognize this city. [ Read Full ]
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Systemic Corruption in the Police Force
It is no secret that cops are corrupt. This is not a new phenomena and it has been going on since Augustus, the first emperor of Rome enacted one of the first organized police force in 27 B.C. He created a special unit of undercover operatives housed among the civilian residents. This was in order to keep him safe so he was not assassinated, unlike his uncle, Julius Caesar. He also started the precinct system and employed thousands of watchmen who became powerful men and started passing judgement on lawbreakers. [ Read Full ]
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Customer Service and Canada are not synonymous with each other
I am proud to be Canadian, we are supposed to be the friendliest people on the planet who bend over backwards to assist people, are understanding and polite. For the last few years my biggest gripe in Canada other than our terrible government is the standards for customer service has shit the bed. I suspect the reason why it bothers me so much is that I worked in customer service for years and my job and family's income depended on me being friendly, courteous and above all helpful even when it may have been inconvenient. [ Read Full ]
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Entertainers and Role models WTF?
Eminem has caused controversy again, his new song Rap God, uses the word "fag" and it is insulting to people. LastO a gay rapper was quoted as saying "Granted, it's not directed towards the gay community, but subconsciously it is. He's using the word f-ggot to degrade another man. As if the worst thing a man can be is gay. What type of message does that embed into the minds of young kids, both gay and straight?" WTF, if the worst thing a man could be called is "Gay" then holly fuck our world is coming to an end. I thought the worst thing a man could be called would be woman beater, dead beat father, pedophile and perhaps not having any balls. I did not know being called "gay" was the worst thing in the world unless you are that insecure with yourself. What really pissed me of and left me shaking my head was the statement what does this do to the young minds of the children? We are truly becoming an idiotic society and will one day be mimicking Idiocracy. [ Read Full ]
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Springfield General Hospital
I have given birth to two offspring, I am not a brave soul and got an epidural 8 hours into labour with each of them. I do not think it is natural and beautiful to have something or someone rip and spasm through your body. I remember the pain of childbirth it is probably one of the reasons why I stopped having children after my second. A 10 pound monster trying make its way into the world pretty much finished me off. So this weekend when I felt my back starting to ache, then twinge and a couple hours later when I couldn't catch my breath as the pain was radiating through my stomach, left me with a WTF moment. [ Read Full ]
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We live in a society that cannot function without technology and being anonymous is pretty difficult. Many people are attached to their smart phones, vehicles have GPS and the internet has become a tool in education, research, entertainment and has made our lives easier (until it is not working and then people freak the hell out). It has become convenient to have everything at our finger tips, people do not have to leave their homes to shop, socialize or go into the office. Nothing in this world is free, so for the ease of convenience it must be balanced with something of equal value. We give up our anonymity to companies, web hosts, advertisers and to the highest bidder for our information. [ Read Full ]
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A New Kind Of Hell
Most people do not like to announce they have a stalker... I am one of those people, but I have one. Not one of those awww he is following you on Facebook and likes everything you do kind. A real life everywhere I go he is there kind. I dated my stalker for 6 years (at this time he was not a stalker, he was just a douche bag) and I ended it in 2008. It was not a good relationship, why should it be a good break up but stranger things have happened (hell froze over and the Eagles got back together). My ex got himself a girlfriend and I thought he was moving on with his life. [ Read Full ]
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Canada Eh! What, What, Can you repeat that?
The Government of Canada has stated that immigration is needed to fill employment gaps. In Regina, it has become apparent that immigrant workers are becoming the norm for service industry jobs. Canada is a mutli cultural nation, I am ecstatic that I live in the country that embraces different races, cultures and beliefs. With this in mind as a consumer it is becoming increasingly frustrating to purchase products from people who cannot speak English. [ Read Full ]
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