Minions Movie Review
Monday, Jul. 6th, 2015 (2550 views)

he Despicable Me franchise has devoted a feature length film to the goggle wearing, banana loving yellow blobs, better known as Minions. The movie is an original story and a prequel to the franchise. The Minion movie has a compelling beginning, with a narrator explaining how the Minions developed from a single celled organism. Their goal in life is to serve the most despicable master of all time.
    Over the millennia it was easy to find a boss, it was much more difficult to keep one. Without a villain to serve the Minions become aimless and depressed. Three Minions (Kevin, Bob and Stuart) gathered the courage to scour the earth to find a new boss.
    Their journey leads them to the 1968 VillianCon and this is the definitive turning point of the movie and not for the better. Once the Minions become engaged with humans the movie loses it's appeal. The Minions want Scarlet Overkill, voiced by Sandra Bullock, to be their despicable boss. However, she is the least likable character, with a lacking personality or heart, and one liners disguised as dialogue. Her husband is boring and really takes away from the movie more than he contributes.
    To make up for the lack of plot there is an abundance of over the top silliness that only children will appreciate. Techno gadgets like the hypno-hat and lava gun, a clown who juggles bombs while riding a unicycle and a Godzilla parody that drags on. Trying to appeal to the mature audience by poking fun at Richard Nixon, the moon landing and the Beatles does nothing to alleviate the feeling of "when will this be over."
    This movies starts out strong but then quickly runs out of steam. When the Minions are left to their own devices it is a hilarious movie, when the focus shifts to the sub par characters it starts to fail miserably. The first 35 minutes of the movie would have made a perfect short film and most likely left the audience wanting more. Instead it is a movie that leaves a longing for Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes and a fluffy unicorn.
    Perhaps the Minions will be more enjoyable when Despicable Me 3 is released in 2017.

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