Dear Summer, WTF?
Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 2014 (2583 views)

ear Summer,
    Has there been a hostile takeover by the energy corporations that we are not aware of?
    Perhaps you are unaware that summer has not spread to the prairies, and the only ones benefiting are the Energy companies. It may interest you to know that I STILL sleep with my winter comforter and the heat has been on for most of the summer. This summer we have had less than 10 days of temperatures reaching 28 degrees or higher, and none of them more than 2 days in a row! Because of such little heat the Winnipeg snow dump still has snow from last winter and the 18 meter piles may not melt before the new winter season sets in.
    Today, it is cold and rainy and tomorrow it will be a high of NINE degrees (42 F). I am currently bundled up in my winter gear that includes fur lined moccasin boots. It is not even September yet, so could you pull your head out of your ass and send us some warm weather. Or is this your way of preparing us for the ice age?
    A frozen homo sapien

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