White Privilege, You are the Problem
Sunday, Mar. 23rd, 2014 (3428 views)

n the the book The Souls of Black Folk W.E.B. Dubois coined the term double consciousness. It describes the individual sensation of feeling as though your identity is divided into several parts, making it difficult or impossible to have one unified identity. Historically African American's have lived in a society that has repressed and devalued them. The prejudices and stereotypes of white people can lead African Americans to suffer from a damaged self image shaped by the perceptions and treatment of society.
    Even a half a century after the civil rights movement and an African American president, some whites would like to think that we have reached "the end of racism" in the United States. Others would like to celebrate diversity but are oblivious to the political, economic, and social consequences of a nation. While others still see groups of people as the "problem".
    Race problems and racism have their roots in a system of white supremacy. White people invented white supremacy. Therefore, the color of the race problem is white. White people are the problem. White people have to ask themselves: How does it feel to be a problem?
    Robert Jensen discusses race, white privilege and white supremacy

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