A Big Fuck You to the "Next Generation" of Gaming Consoles
Saturday, Jan. 4th, 2014 (4419 views)

or Christmas my kid got two things she really wanted, her beloved AR15 with custom pink and purple leopard print and an Xbox 360. She has used her gun several times and her Xbox once. Now if anyone has read any of my previous rants I love to game, and so when my daughter wants to game I get all warm and gooey inside. However, we have very different styles when it comes to gaming. She has to sign her freedom, rights and pay cheques over to some company while I get to game usually at a low cost while still keeping my privacy intact.
    Her boyfriend lovingly got her the Xbox for Christmas and upgraded the hard drive to 20GB, and a pepto bismal pink controller. So far this is pretty on par what my mom would have spent on a NES system when I was younger. However, her system did not come with a game. I enquired what kind of games she interested in; her favourite so far is Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 she has a penchant for killing zombies. I don't know why she just doesn't play Left 4 Dead 2, but I digress.
    We look on Amazon and her BO2 game is 40 dollars. The girl almost shit her pants and declares she is not paying that much for a game, a used copy is not much cheaper. Since I game on my computer, I go to the tried and true Steam website. BO2 is on sale for 19.99 and Left 4 Dead 2 free.... Free. I downloaded it and chuckle the game didn't cost me a damn thing. I ask her what she is going to do until she can get some games and she informs me she will borrow some and purchase a 3 month subscription for Xbox live and watch Netflix. Now I am confused.
    Just to clarify she does not have enough money or is too cheap to buy games.... mom is paying for the internet needed to hook up the xbox 360, xbox live is needed to pretty much do anything online and then pay for Netflix. Does this make sense to anyone else? All I see is money going to huge corporations and the kid has not even played a fucking game yet.
    My daughter's boyfriend purchased her the BO2, however, trying to play online together was becoming a difficult task. She did not have a headset to communicate with teammates and it quickly became obvious she would need one. They made due and yet, another issue reared its ugly head. Other people are playing on different maps than her; since her BO2 game is new she has not purchased the DLC maps. The packs are released in conjunction with the game and cost an extra 60 dollars. I left the room in disbelief.
    Who the fuck would pay an extra 60 dollars for a DLC pack? Why would they want to pay for this shit? Why are people not angry that they have to pay for this and not demand it be part of the game? If people would stop paying for the DLC it would send a clear message to the developers, that they will not be gouged and demand a better product in the first place. This game in totality cost 100 dollars and every year a new version is sent to market.
    So far to play this game, 30 dollars was spent on the physical game and it is not even the current edition of the Call of Duty series, the DLC maps are needed at an extra 60 dollars, an xbox live account, the accessories, the time commitment and availability from her friends. This is only for one game, I would hate to see what the other games would entail that are on her wish list. Just writing this makes me want to scream.
    When we wanted to play a game with our friends this is how it went. Our consoles plugged into the TV and wall, we pushed the power button on, turned the power button off, took the cartridge out, blew on the game, inserted it back in, pushed the power button on, sat our asses down and played until the next day. The only time we could not play is when there was a power outage. When you purchased a game you played the game. It was really simple, no downloading, codes, subscriptions, internet, servers, friend requests or credit card information needed. If you needed to communicate you said something or nudged (kicked) the person. Back then we didn't get to save a lot either, not enough memory on the cartridges. It was Awesome.
    This must be a generation gap because I do not want to give whole paycheck to Sony or Microsoft just to play a game. Might as well fill out your banking information and have your paycheck directly deposited into their accounts. I try to watch kids play on the "next generation" gaming consoles and it is painful, I have to leave the room. They have to connect to the internet, log onto their account, the company server and sometimes a secondary server (Uplay fuck you) download the game or update. See who is online, make sure everyone has the compatible maps, find the right room, go into that room and all the while praying that someone does not get booted due to a failure in anyone of these steps or everyone has to wait for that person to re enter. Lets just hope they are not on a Sasktel network. Sounds like fun times.
    Today gaming systems do not come with games installed or even a game cartridge. This Christmas many parents bought their kids Nintendo DS's and a piece of paper with a code came in the box. This code lets you download your game, the problem was Nintendo servers were down for 5 days. Anyone who purchased games could not access them; therefore no gaming for you. Big problem since the Wii U apparently did quite well this year (this is like chanting we are not the worst).
    I would hate to be a parent in a household that received a Nintendo product this year. Kids opened their gifts and were eager to play their games and for the next five days the parent got to listen to the kids whine "when can I play my game(s)" as a parent I say "Fuck You Nintendo". To be fair Sony, Microsoft and Steam servers were down on Christmas day; anyone who got new consoles could not set up their systems or play a game because of server overloads. Too many people online and the system is broken, yeah, we can always go back to playing go fish.
    What supersedes this whole rant is the new generation is okay with having servers going down, endlessly updating because games are so shitty and glitchy they must be patched. They have no issues paying for DLC to make the game "better" or being exploited for more money not realizing the game should have been great to begin with. People will spend half of their pay cheque on a "new" game that developers are so lazy they are recycling old material and slapping new titles on it (Call of Duty: Ghosts).
    They give up their freedom and privacy with stupid policies that give companies the right to police what you do on your system that you paid for and are paying for every fucking month. These companies get to change the policies at will, knowing people will abide by the new rules because people are too lazy to be outraged and boycott the product. People have no issue handing over credit card and personal information without understanding what the companies are doing with the information and who they are giving it to.
    They have no idea how great it feels to sit down and play a game and not have to fight servers, internet outages, spend half a pay cheque and no one is spying on me to find out I am sitting in half naked playing Super Mario Bros. If I want to play with friends we sit in a room and game, chat and hang out and does not cost me any money. I get the luxury of telling my friend that they made a crazy move or "I am going to kick the shit out of them" and they understand its game play but someone online can construe it as a threat and have the police kicking in my door and I may spend the rest of my life in prison.
    I hope one day they will take back their power and demand more accountability from companies; until then I will not game on a console where I have to give blood, an anal probe and a DNA sample just to play a game.

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