Beiber and FF say it ain't so?
Friday, Dec. 13th, 2013 (4235 views)

ustin Beiber is rumoured to be starring in the next Fast and the Furious now that Paul Walker has died.
    I will give you minute just to let that sink in and say WTF....
    Someone thought it would be a good idea 2 weeks after Paul Walker died in a fiery crash, should be replaced by a snot nosed prima donna diva, Justin Beiber.
    Anyone with a half a gnats brain does not want to see JB in this movie, hell we don't want to see him at all. It is bad enough that the FF franchise has milked these movies to death, but this is beyond stupid.
    This is how they want to honour Paul Walker is having this fucking brat in his very last movie? If Justin Beiber makes a damn cameo I will ban all FF movies in my home.

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