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Friday, Dec. 13th, 2013 (3693 views)

  have been a fan of Eminem since his underground shit and it has been three years since Eminem had released his last album. I had eagerly anticipated the release of Marshall Mathers LP 2 and was impatiently counting down the days until November 5.
    Eminem's first single "Survival" is featured on the Call of Duty: Ghosts and was going be the first look at the new album. I sat at my computer and waited for it to be released like a kid on Christmas, I hit the play button and right away wanted to rip my ears off. I could not make it through the whole fucking song; Liz Rodigues's screeching and nails on the chalk board sound ruined it for me. I know someone who is in media and production and wanted them to revamp the song, so I could listen to it without stabbing myself.
    "Berzerk" came out a week after Survival, it did not make me want to stab myself, but I thought why is Eminem ripping off so many artists? Sorry the correct terminology would be "sampling" so many different artists? He ripped off The Stroke, The New Style and Fight For Your Right. It is when I started to question if Eminem was back on drugs. It is a mediocre song, that is promoted as throwback to old school hip hop. When the producer is the same for both the song and the "samples" it feels completely like a rip off. A throwback is supposed to sound like that genre, not use music from that era and proclaim it is old school.
    "Rap God" was released and caused controversy, for using the word faggot. It would not be an Eminem album without someone being pissed off. He free styled this in the studio and proves he is a lyrical genius, he can rhyme 97 words in 15 seconds. Whether you like Eminem or not that is impressive. Yet, the song is childish, gibberish, does not make any sense and feels like it was thrown together without any forethought.
    A week later he released "The Monster" with RiRi, I almost had a heart attack, I liked this song, this sounds like fucking Eminem, there is original shit, not ripping off anyone, great lyrics, for as much as I do not like RiRi, I don't want to stab my ears. My hope was restored for the album.
    On the release date I had the Marshall Mathers LP 2 piping through the speakers; with the anticipation of a great album, sans the three songs that I don't like. There is no doubt that Eminem is still angry at women, hates being famous, trying to prove himself, dissing other rappers, and spouting about how well he can rhyme. To fully understand the impact of this album it is much easier to read the lyrics than have to listen to the instrumentals on the tracks.
    MMLP2 is supposed to be a sequel to Marshal Mathers LP and Eminem has some musical guests along for the ride; Skylar Grey, Nate Ruess, Rihanna, Sia Furlera, Jamie N Commons, X Ambassadors and yet only one fucking rapper? I thought this was a hip hop/ rap album? Kendrick Lamar is featured on one song and that is because he is on the Aftermath label. Is this supposed to be a pop album and a rapper thrown in as an afterthought? Eminem is all over the fucking map, first he wants it to be a throwback to old school rap, but without any rappers, and then we have it full of pop artists. Not even a member from D12 to kick it up a notch or make it on the same playing field as Marshall Mathers LP. If this is supposed to be a sequel, would it have been plausible to have some talent that was on the first album?
    Dr. Dre's presence is sorely missed on this album, he has been an integral part of the producing mastermind since the The Slim Shady LP. His influence can be felt throughout every album including D12, so why fuck with things is beyond my comprehension? With every song that Rick Rubin produced, a theme emerges, "sampling" is the norm. It is irritating, feels like a rip off and sloppy throw shit together mixture. I can tell who is producing soon as the music and lyrics start to flow. There is a feeling of I need to get 16 songs onto an album and lets throw some drivel together quick as possible. Lamar was an afterthought, Eminem realized he did not have a rapper on his album and Rap God he free styled in the studio in one take. If this alone does not scream, I am throwing shit together than what does? We also get a treat when buying the deluxe album you get 5 bonus songs that still sucks ass. I question the rational of releasing sub par bullshit because as a fan I would have waited longer for great quality, fuck I would have waited for good quality.
    The most redeeming quality of this album is "Headlights" it is the most played song on my MP3 player and lyrically may be my number one favourite. This song has some soul, forethought and is reminiscent of Eminem. For as much as Em hated his mother, this song is a tribute and a thank you for raising him to the best of her abilities. This song had a profound effect on me, the way his music usually does. Dependant on the day I am having, I can usually find a song that fits the mood, situation or explain how I am feeling when words fail me.
    We have moved into the digital age and Eminem has released 4 singles before the album release date. What is the point of releasing an album? Why not continue to release singles as he writes and produces them? Perhaps we would not get this terrible rush of throwing shit together because of a deadline. How many times have we heard an artist or Eminem say he has more material than he has space for on an album? They have to pick and choose, what they think the record companies, radio station and the fans will like. Release songs that have been worked on, have some creative integrity and give fans some diversity. Put the songs, skits or just bullshit that goes on in the studio, upload it to the website and people will buy it at a buck a song and artists still be relevant without having to press CD's.
    MMLP2 has been deemed "the most anticipated albums of 2013" and the reviews for this album are glowing. These people are kissing ass and trying not to piss off an artist who they might need to interview later even at the expense of lying to the readers. These same fuckers are the ones that gave Encore and Relapse glowing reviews and deemed them lyrically the best to date. The same albums Eminem himself dislikes immensely and states they were his shittiest work. This album is terrible, it sucks ass. In good conscious I cannot recommend it and I am being generous giving it a rating of 3/10.

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