Entertainers and Role models WTF?
Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, 2013 (3826 views)

minem has caused controversy again, his new song Rap God, uses the word "fag" and it is insulting to people. LastO a gay rapper was quoted as saying "Granted, it's not directed towards the gay community, but subconsciously it is. He's using the word f-ggot to degrade another man. As if the worst thing a man can be is gay. What type of message does that embed into the minds of young kids, both gay and straight?" WTF, if the worst thing a man could be called is "Gay" then holly fuck our world is coming to an end. I thought the worst thing a man could be called would be woman beater, dead beat father, pedophile and perhaps not having any balls. I did not know being called "gay" was the worst thing in the world unless you are that insecure with yourself. What really pissed me of and left me shaking my head was the statement what does this do to the young minds of the children? We are truly becoming an idiotic society and will one day be mimicking Idiocracy.
    I love Eminem he is one of my favourite artists, I have listened to him since his underground shit. With that being said a lot of his lyrics are not appropriate for kids. My girls are now teenagers and while they were growing up I did not listen to his music when they were in the vicinity. It was not appropriate, that was my job as a parent. It was irrelevant if they did not understand what the lyrics meant. Eminem has stated he mixes different songs for his kids, he understands that his lyrics are not suitable for all ages. What is so hard about this concept? Or are people so deaf and dumb they just want to spout shit for the sake of hearing themselves talk? He has had a fucked up life, and he is supposed to be a role model to your kid? Why, because he is good at some lyrics and can rhyme? Charles Manson is famous and has written songs does that mean he should be a role model?
    We have become a society that has let entertainers be role models to our children. We have bought into their onstage persona, mimicked their clothes, and products for years. We allowed our children to have the same morality, thoughts and beliefs. Hannah Montana was great and she sent wonderful messages to kids and pre teens about being nice, do not bully and how to work hard for what you want. Parents loved this bullshit and bought into it with their children, however once Miley was no longer spouting Hannah Montana and was doing normal teenage crap, the world has come to a screeching halt. The only difference between Miley Cyrus and a regular teen is that parents allowed Miley to do their jobs. They are now outraged that she would not continue the facade of being some perfect fake ass character for the little brats. Would you allow your kid to have a role model whose father was notorious for sleeping around, had two children born in the same year to two different women, a brother who dropped out of school is in a metal band, covered in tattoo's and got his girlfriend pregnant? No, I didn't think so, most people would have their kids avoid Miley or at the very least watched her like a hawk. Now everyone is in an uproar because the girl is sexual. My god a teenage girl who is sexual and doing some drugs, you don't say. I guess these same people have not seen the Jenner sisters who are trolling sex bars and having highly sexualized pictures taken at 16. So spare me the I don't want Miley to be a role model for my child any more. She should have never been one in the first place. That is your god damn job as a parent and mentor.
    We want these entertainers to be the kids role models and our outraged when they use the word "fag" or "nigga" and yet, it is okay for the Catholic church to condemn homosexuality and for some reason the priests are not held up to a standard of being a role model and a mentor. We have politicians who fight like children, lie, steal and cheat and say some of the most racist shit I have ever heard especially about women and this is all acceptable. How fucked up is this society when entertainers who sing, dance or act and we are striving for our kids to be like them. Then are outraged when we have snotty, self entitled, lazy and highly sexualized generation.

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